Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Sea is Not Black and Other Stories by J. V. Love

This collection includes four short stories including the following:

1.) The Sea is Not Black:
Anatoly Ranakov is living to Kiev, only a few years after the collapse of the Soviet Union. He is able to make a fortune illegally, but he spends every day being haunted by his past. Of a split second decision made fifteen years earlier. He begins to fear for his sanity when he starts hearing a voice that curses and berates him. As this voice forces him to remember a past he tried so hard to not to think about, even he doesn’t know what to expect.

The word ‘’irony’’ took on a whole new meaning to me as this story kept me on the edge of my seat. It was very well written and an interesting read.

2.) Alice’s Sasquatch:
As a very unhappy graduate student in paleontology, Alice will do almost anything that will help her get finished and be able to graduate as soon as possible. While on a rather unsuccessful dig in Montana she makes the discovery of a lifetime. Now she finds herself faced with two options, either make a lot of money or graduate. As she struggles with her decision it really comes down to two things, will she forever change the life/existence of her find or will it change her?

Although I enjoyed this story, I feel like it was missing something. It seems to me as though the story was cut short. As if the conclusion wasn’t finished.

3.) Without Regret:
A historical fiction, based on a true story, about a German soldier who defects prior to the Nazi invasion of the USSR during WWII. Although he hopes to stop this deadly conflict, he instead finds himself in an endless series of interrogations. Will he be able to stop change the out of the German Blitzkrieg or will his efforts be lost?

An interesting perspective of the war that I have never before read.

4.) Hold the Line:
During WWII, at the start of the Nazi invasion the USSR, Felix Varilensky and his friend Dima volunteer to help defend Leningrad. With the Germans fast approaching they soon find themselves fighting the ineptitude of their regiment, all of them being under-equipped and under-trained. How will be able to hold the line and keep the Nazis from taking Leningrad?

I very much enjoyed reading this story. I found myself getting invested in the well being of the main characters.

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